Christmas Card Picture! Despite the wind and the cold, I managed to use self timer to grab this shot of my bro and I for the family Christmas picture :)

I love that feeling of being alone with my thoughts on those chilly SoCal winter nights

Random Spirit Lover: I went to SAnta Monica Last night and took my tripod to takE some long-eXposure night shots. I grAbbed this shot with aN exposure of 8 seconDs on Ocean and Santa Monica BoulevaRd. I am pretty happy about how thIs turned out, I must sAy. 

Light Graffiti: I was walking around Ann Arbor one night with my camera and decided to play around with long shutter speeds and lights. This is the best “graffiti” I came up with. 

State^2: I took this shot when my mom came to visit me for Parent’s Weekend. We were in the car at a stop light on our way to meet with Siddharth for dinner. I was just messing around with the lights on state street by slowing down the shutter speed and moving my camera while the shutter was still open. I’ve entered this picture in a photo contest (to no avail) and to the UMich cTools site.